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Advanced training


The Basilicata Regional Authority is supporting advanced training above all through EU and other regional funds.


Grants for research doctorates and scholarships for advanced and post-graduate trainings are assigned thanks to annual Public Announcements.


The 2000-2006 FSE resources have financed in all 2900 scholarships, grants for research, post-graduate training courses and other initiatives promoting advanced training (with a 16.50% coverage of the Lucanian students graduated between 2000 and 2007, according to the MIUR data).


The initiatives of advanced training and research are aimed at young Lucanian graduates (and from 2003 onwards among those to be awarded scholarships and grants for research are Lucanian emigrants' children and descendants - L.R.16/2002). Post-graduate training courses and research doctorates are financed in UE countries and in the Universities of Basilicata, Italian and foreign universities plus prestigious advanced training schools and Schools of Management.

The initiative of advanced training have often been planned and realized in cooperation with partners which have increased the added value:


FIAT (Industrial engineering post-graduate course for 25 people)


ENEA (Economics and Renewable Energy Engineering post-graduate course for 20 people)


METAPONTUM AGROBIOS (15 grants for research for the transfer of innovation to the agriculture and agro-industrial sector )


NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH (22 grants for research)


In addition the mobility of Lucanian PhD students to other regional and extra-regional research centres has been supported with 64 scholarships.

The almost twenty-year experience of the Basilicata Regional Authority in advanced training support will go ahead as provided for by the 2007-2013 planning. The main aim of the IV AXIS of P.O. FSE Basilicata is the quality improvement of human resource, this is because financial resources have been assigned for the creation of a network of Universities, technological research centres, institutional and productive world so that the region will become a primary growth pole for research and innovation. The resources available for the Basilicata Regional Authority, under the IV AXIS of P.O. 2007-2013, amount to 129 M Euros (40% of the FSE regional sum allocated for the same period).









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