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The Basilicata Regional Authority is carrying on a great deal of activities in order to achieve meaningful aims in the field of the policy of sustainability. On the one hand this department is trying to find possible ways of intervention able to safeguard nature and also decrease the risks involved, and on the other it is trying to contrast the deterioration of the environment and exploit primary resources for regional development. In particular, the Department is responsible for:

  • Assessing the environmental impact, caused by anthropic actions affecting the territory and other natural contexts, through a well-constructed system which follows EU directives as well as national and regional laws - V.A.S, V.I.A., Landscape Permission, Geological Opinions, Permission to intervene in areas with hydro-geological limits, Concessions for water diversion and extractive activity as well as waste disposal activity, and Planning Conferences for permission to use new town facilities.

  • Planning things to be done in two large areas - landscape and nature. As far as landscape is concerned the Regional Landscape Plan is being put into operation. This territorial programme will make it possible to combine environmental protection with the exploitation of local resources in line with the "ordinary landscape" criterion, different from the "perfect landscape" principle, so as to overcome the limit of safeguarding. As far as nature is concerned the protection system needs to be amplified so that this European park-region will become highly competitive (more than one third of its territory is recognized as a protected area).

  • To the recent foundation of the National Val D'Agri Park and the imminent one of the Vulture Regional Park there will be the Calanchi Park, anticipating the proposal for a Natural Reserve (the morphological formation of Calanchi is extremely interesting from a scientific angle). All this will contribute to the foundation of the Maratea Sea Park in a meaningful way. The Chart of the Ecological Network is being drawn with the help of the referees from E.N.E.A, DITEC - M.E.D.E.S. and A.C.S.. The monitoring and the adaptation of the Nature 2000 locations will complete the integrated naturalistic programme. The theme of "Protected Areas" is closely related to the Forest Sector (and the consequent Regional Forest Plan, the Forest Catalogue as well as the use of the innovative Seed Certification in order to safeguard vegetable biodiversity). The Fire Prevention activity, together with the Land Register of those areas struck by fire (brought up-to-date annually), is carried on by a joint committee consisting of Regional Civil Defence and the Foresters of the State. As far as waste material is concerned EU funds are being invested in the field of waste separation and in completing the plants for waste disposal as well. At the very same time the Regional Plan will be contextually adapted in order to organize processing chains and it is common knowledge that this system involves the energy and agricultural sector. For the public water management a plan to safeguard water is being carried on (both for inland waters and hydro-mineral basins) and the reorganization of the subjects involved in water safeguarding as well.

  • Monitoring anthropic activities affecting the regional territory in order to keep changes under control by using the protocols of cooperation with the scientific world such as UNIBAS, C.N.R., E.N.E.A., ARPAB, as usual AGROBIOS, and TOTAL further to agreements on oil extraction. In conclusion, in order to strengthen a sense of regional identity Redus, the Network aiming at an awareness of sustainability, makes it possible to sensitize people to specific environmental themes such as waste separation and legality.









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