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The Automotive group, distributed all over the province of Potenza, is mostly present around the the FIAT-SATA factory situated in San Nicola di Melfi. It started up in 1993, and it was planned by adopting the just-in-time production criteria as well as such principles and technologies as to make it one of most technologically modern factories in Italy and one of the first European factories regarding productiveness. (about 60 cars per worker in 2006).



In 2006 the Lucanian car industry had a turnover abroad of 1.2 milliard euros. From all this it is clear that it plays an important role in the regional economy. Between 2001 and 2006 the number of working units increased from 8000 up to 11000 while in the last few years the employment level has come to a standstill due to economic slump. On a regional level Automotive and engineering industry are able to meet the demands in the fields of component production, mechanics, electronics, substitutes and maintenance. Although most of the turnover depends on the SATA factory, the societies of this section have sub-supply relations with European and major world car groups. The entire sector consists of 50 factories (including multinationals and successful local companies). For instance, in the sector of advanced mechanics and engineering services the companies which produce specialized products (such as diesel engines) for the nautical sector, industry and aeronautics, racing cars and precision mechanical components, etc. are in pole position.



In 2006 the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Education, University and Technological Research and the Basilicata Regional Authority stipulated an Agreement on the Outline of the Programme aiming at creating a Campus for research and advanced training connected with the productive FIAT-SATA site in Melfi. This Campus will make it possible to carry on research in the field of industrial and pre-competitive development both for Automotive and the other productive sectors of regional manufacturing industry so as to become the meeting-point of a network for really first-class national research. In addition to Research and Development, this Campus will carry on advanced training activities in order to qualify young resident researchers and technicians. Public and private resources foreseen by the agreement on the Outline of the Programme amount to 14.9 million euros. The Basilicata Regional Authority will facilitate Research, Development and Technological Innovation in the productive sectors through policy directions and concrete intervention for companies. In particular, it is studying the possibility of supporting industrial and experimental development research, and integrated projects on research, development and innovation proposed by ATI (consisting of societies, Universities and other public and private research centres). As far as the Automotive group is concerned a specific financial line will support the industrial research carried on in the Campus, which will be situated in the industrial area of San Nicola di Melfi. A great deal of research will be carried into the technological fields of particular interest both for the Basilicata Regional Authority and FIAT. Projects for the electrical automotive will be supported in order to create an energy district.









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