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In line with national and regional regulations the activity of the Civil Defence is focused on:




In order to forecast the risks of calamities connected both with natural phenomena and anthropic activities, models for each type of risk are been prepared and tested so as to outline specific "risk sceneries" typical of each area in this region. The data collected from "monitoring systems" are transferred to the "National Network of Functional Centres" which consists of a National Centre and one Centre for each Italian region. All this facilitates the regions and the national Civil Defence to establish "alert thresholds" through the data exchange and the information gathered in the territory.

Preventive measures are mainly based on emergency planning, operating instruments defining the most foreseeable areas of risk and also the most efficient "models of intervention" both on a communal and provincial level.



Emergency assistance, typical of Civil Defence, is assured by a network consisting of institutions such as the Fire Brigade, the Police and well-equipped Voluntary Organizations, sufficiently present on the regional territory.



A very important activity, which is being carried on, is that of checking the seismic vulnerability of public buildings considered strategic in case of earthquake. Many regional health departments and schools are constantly checked up on in order to see and verify their capability of standing up to seisms similar to those of the past and, however, recurrent in our region. Qualified engineers attend to these verifications which are co-financed by European and national funds in 2000-2006 and 2007-2013. Thanks to the information gathered the less-safe public buildings, from a seismic point of view, will be easily identified and adapted.



The Region is planning a prevention strategy for coping with the risk of forest fire with the help of observation and the timely sighting of the fires both on the ground and via satellite. This will consent the putting-out of forest fires with maximum speed and efficiency.









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