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The regional planning of the Society of Information starts with law n° 53 passed on 4 November 1996. With such a legislative measure the Basilicata Regional Authority entrusted the Society of Information with the task of becoming a means for the socio-economic-cultural development of the entire region. Straight afterwards, the "Strategic Plan for the Development of the Society of Information" - the BASITEL plan updated in 2003 (Basitel+) - passed. The new Strategic Plan was drawn up and brought up-to-date according to ongoing regional in September 2008.


The most important intervention regards infrastructures, in fact a network for regional public administration (RUPAR) has been created. It is a private system which puts regional public administrations into contact with one another.

Besides infrastructures, obviously the strategic programmes of the Society of Information, followed one after the other, have also planned interventions regarding citizens, companies and public administrations - in line with the above-mentioned law passed in 1996 and the European directions which identify the Society of Information as a policy which crosses other sectors.


Among the many important initiatives, the project for "A Computer in every house" is worth mentioning. The two editions of this project have met the citizens' full approval and about 80,000 families could take out a loan in order to buy the latest computer models reducing the regional cultural "digital divide". In the light of this, the distance learning enables the loan beneficiaries to benefit from basic on-line computer literacy courses on the territorial portal www.basilicatanet.it (e-learning).


A lot of effort has gone into improving the field of health (e-health) by creating a unified regional multi-channel centre for bookings - CUP. Besides the traditional telephone line, users will be given the chance of booking medical examinations on the Internet and also checking the availability in regional hospitals. As far as this area is concerned other important projects on "telemedicine and tele-training" and a "network of General Practitioners" (MMG) called "LUMIR" (the Lucania Doctors on-line) are being carried on.

The LUMIR project has the priority of promoting a better organization of territorial medicine so that General Practitioners will play a leading role cooperating with territorial health services and hospitals.

The strategic aims are:

  1. to support the efficiency of primary treatment by creating a network of professional doctors and pediatricians in order to ensure the continuity of the treatment;
  2. to support the integration of health and social services in the region in order to facilitate close collaboration between professional figures and districts.

The cores of the LUMIR project are the Electronic Health File (FSE) and in the near future the Virtual Case History (CCV), a set of services on-line which makes it possible for authorized users to see accurate timely clinical information on the health events concerning them (citizen-patient).


The database is automatically fed with information updated through the data traffic coming from the local or regional data processing which can communicate with the Electronic Health File. In addition, the most important data will be soon extrapolated from the Electronic Health File and used for emergency interventions (Patient Summary).

LUMIR will be connected to another important project (BAS-REFER) carried out in the field of e-government services. The BAS-REFER project aims at making it possible for patients and their doctors in charge to see laboratory reports in real time, by using the regional protected information network, so as to facilitate early diagnoses.


In fact, the application software will assure a time reduction for the handing-in of medical reports thus avoiding the frequent bother on the part of the users for collecting them, and at the same time guarantee the privacy of the data involved.









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